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I started this blog mainly to document my adventures with food – a passion I inherited from my mom and my grandmothers – and a love that I share with my family and friends.  It’s about my tiny moments, my milestones and reflections, celebrated in my Vancouver kitchen and beyond, in an effort to find tranquillity and creativity through words.  For writing is undoubtedly my favourite form of expression.

I write about my travels because I’m the girl that researches obsessively to plan the food itinerary before every trip, as if each meal is going to be our last.  A once favourite haunt in London.  A new discovery in Tokyo.  A classic establishment in NY.   Traveling to see the world to learn about art, history, design and culture is my raison d’être, and food is the gateway to all of that.

I write about my cooking adventures because I want to remember the delicious childhood meals that my mom made for us growing up in Hong Kong and in the Philippines.  She was an amazing cook and baker and her repertoire spanned home cooked traditional Filipino Chinese dishes to wonderful roasts, salads, pasta, risottos and braises.  And her desserts! Beautiful confections and delicate cream cakes, custard puddings and exquisite fruit tarts!  This blog is a journey through my food memories of the past and present.

I write about my joy of cooking and share these recipes with you because many of them take me back to different periods of my life.  Like that time I lived in Florence studying Interior Design; my early high school and college years in Deerfield and Boston, Massachusetts; or when I was living in Manila and running my own architecture and interior design firm out there.  Food and the art of cooking played formative roles during those years, and revisiting them keeps those wonderful memories alive.

And in between, I write about my life here in Vancouver because it is my love for family and friends that fuel my passion to cook and feed.

My name is Stephanie Sy /siː/  Thank you for stopping by!