Instant Pot Chinese Steamed Black Cod

Happy New Year!  Have you all fully recovered from 2017?  Personally, I have not. I’m still in that holiday state of mind going through all my wonderful Christmas gifts!  What to wear with my new Shokay leather belt, how to wear my new CJW twilly on my head, rearrange all my art on the walls to make way for my super trippy and surreal painting by Jeffrey Guanlao that I’m in love with, what else can I eat with the remaining chili garlic flakes from the Philippines, and WHAT CAN’T MY INSTANT POT DO BETTER??

I must say the last has preoccupied me the most.

I’ve made 4 things with the Instant Pot so far.  A bolognese sauce in 35 minutes, beef stock with the bag of saved bones in the freezer in 30 minutes, rice in 12 minutes, and steamed fish in just 2 minutes! It’s like a magical pot that keeps surprising and challenging me to discover faults and limitations with it.  So far I’ve found none.

Chinese Steamed Fish in the Instant Pot.
Steam the Black Cod with the Ginger Strips and Goji Berries.

Last night, when I steamed the black cod in just 2 minutes and it came out perfect, I knew this gadget had solidified its place in this kitchen.  In fact, I’ve already given away my rice cooker.  That’s confidence right there.

Chinese Steamed Fish with Goji Berries and Ginger.
We ate it with sauteed spinach and rice (made in the instant pot with homemade beef stock which was also made with the instant pot, I’m serious).

This is my basic steamed fish recipe the way my Mom always did it and the way she taught me to make it but with the Instant Pot.  You can substitute the fish with soft silken tofu which is another way we ate this dish growing up.  My Mom always made it with scallions and ginger but because I’ve always picked out the scallions, I’ve replaced it with goji berries which are so so good for you and adds such a nice sweetness.  Of course, you can always leave in the scallions. In fact, it’s more fragrant if you do.


Steamed Chinese Fish with Goji Berries and Ginger.

Instant Pot Chinese Steamed Black Cod

What you need:
Black Cod Fillet
Ginger, julienned
Goji berries

Soy Sauce
Canola Oil

What do to:

1. Wash goji berries, pat dry and set aside.

2. Add 1 cup water to the instant pot.

3. Place fish in a glass or metal dish and top with ginger slices and goji berries.  Save some ginger slices for later.

4. Place the dish onto the metal wire basket accessory and lower it into the instant pot.

5. Press steam and adjust pressure to LOW and time (use minus button) to 2 minutes.

6. Dissolve some soy sauce and sugar and set aside.  I don’t ever measure but I would guess it’s about 4-5 tablespoons of soy sauce and maybe 1 teaspoon of sugar.  Taste and adjust accordingly.

7. Once the instant pot is done, release all the steam out of the pressure valve fully before opening lid, then take the dish out.

8. Over the stove, heat up a little oil until really hot.  Turn heat off.

9. Place the remaining fresh ginger slices on the fish (and scallions if you are using them) and pour the hot oil all over the ginger (and scallions).

10. Add soy sauce and sugar mixture to the hot pan on the stove and let it bubble but not burn or it will stick to the pan.  Pour sizzling soy sauce all over ginger.


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