Número Uno’s Secret Pizza

I want to let you in on a delicious secret, an off-menu pizza that we learned about when our friend Noufi got a midnight craving for Lahm Bi’ajeen (aka Sifha), an Arabic-inspired meat flatbread pizza with Lebanese roots, fromNúmero Uno Pizza.  As soon as I learned that it was a secret item not featured on the menu, our fate was sealed.  We hopped into a cab to pick up this mystical pizza that you can only order if you know to ask for it.

Numero Uno Pizza Midnight Run
Número Uno delivers and closes at 4am Monday to Saturday but when we called late that night their delivery guy had already gone home

Even our cab driver was intrigued by our midnight trek.  He overheard our conversation and wanted in on the scoop too. So on our way home, Noufi told us the story of how the infamous Lahm Bi’ajeen, invented by a customer and passed on by word of mouth, came about.

Noufi (Insert Arabic accent)

“Legend says that one late night around 3am, a drunk Arab guy that just left a club was very hungry and stumbled upon a place called “Número Uno” and he was homesick so he wanted to have some home comfort food. He asked the manager if it was ok for him to make a dish that he really wanted and he said yes.

The drunk Arab walked into the kitchen. He took the flour and he made dough and then he took the minced meat, seasoned it and then he made a white sauce that came from heaven. And then he flattened the dough and made it so thin it was like a see-through dress. Then he took the seasoned meat and he spread it evenly on the see-through dough then he put it in the pizza oven.


He chopped up some tomatoes, red onions, arugula and parsley. He put it on top over the pizza and that’s what we call Lahm Bi’ajeen.”

Numero Uno's Secret Pizza: Lahm Bi Ajeen
Lahm Bi’ajeen comes with a salad of arugula, tomatoes, red onion and parsley for piling on top of your pizza slice, a yummy white sauce to drizzle on, and lemon wedges to squeeze on top. Delicious!
Lahm Bi Ajeen
Lahm Bi’ajeen is more like a flatbread than a pizza, thin enough that it’s folded or rolled before eating.

Número Uno Pizza

708 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B6
(604) 915-9797
11 am – 4  am (Mon-Sat)
11 am – 12 am (Sun)

Do you know of any other secret menus in Vancouver? Yummy secrets are too good not to share!


P.S. If you want to make your own Lahm Bi’ajeen, check out Ottolenghi’s recipe from his Jerusalem Cookbook.  

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