Two is Better Than One

I sleep like a rock.  I often even wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.  I can fall asleep almost anywhere even with the TV or music on.  And I do this thing with my hand where I curl it into a fist and then rest my chin on it.  Instant headrest and the world is one large bed to me.

Paul, on the other hand, is quite the opposite.  He rolls around in his sleep and he chuckles and laughs out loud.  He also likes to wrap himself with the comforter so tightly that when he so as much as moves he tugs the comforter along with him and right off of me.  Some nights I’ve had to get up half asleep just so I can use all of my strength to yank the comforter right from under him with both of my hands.  And then I crawl back, triumphantly, while he doesn’t even make a sound. Oh, the midnight struggle is real!

Up until last week, at least.  I woke up feeling slightly off and realized that Paul had grabbed another duvet the night before. And then I realized that it was the best idea ever because we had a great night’s sleep.  No late night tug of war and no midnight draft.  Just uninterrupted sleep.  This was the solution!

I read that the Scandinavians have been doing it for some time now.  Totally makes sense because I’m sure I would freeze to death in a frigid winter sleeping next to this comforter hog.  I remember that I had no choice one time but to get up close to him as possible in order to get some blanket that I just couldn’t get out of his death grip.  When he woke up the next morning, he got upset because I had pushed him all the way to his side and that he had almost fallen off the bed.  I JUST WANTED A LITTLE BLANKET!!!!

Scandinavian Love Song.jpg

So those days are over.  There have been fewer cranky mornings since and zero surprise fart bombs trapped under the covers.  I’m fully advocating the two is better than one duvet for a happier home and definitely, a better night’s sleep.  And if 2 duvets don’t cure your midnight woes (thunderous snoring, diagonal sleepers…), you might want to consider sleeping in separate bedrooms. I know, sounds crazy, right?  But that’s what I first thought about sleeping with 2 duvets and here I am jumping for joy.

(Photo: Homey Oh My and Scandinavian Love Song)







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