Vancouver Eats: Deacon’s Corner

When watching You Gotta Eat Here! the other day, we found out that one of the best diners in Canada is right here in our neighbourhood serving up Southern-style comfort food.  Of course, we had to try it.  It didn’t matter that when we left the house it was snowing like crazy again, the largest snowflakes I’ve ever seen pounding down softly on the pavement. It didn’t matter because this time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane off to sunnier skies as I head to Asia for a 2 month much needed vacation.  And a little snow never stopped me from enjoying a good plate of chicken and waffles.  Or a chicken fried steak.  Or chicken and biscuits.  Or chicken and fried grits, which I’ve never had, but it sure looked good when John Catucci was stuffing his face with glee on the show.

In Gastown, Deacon’s Corner is located on 101 Main Street.  If you’re trying to find it, here’s a great landmark other than Crab Park.  Look out for No. 5 Orange, its a 3 storey building painted a bright tangerine which makes it hard to miss.  Oh, it’s also a strip club. Deacon’s Corner is just down the road from there so keep walking.  Keep walking past the interesting folks you’re going to see hanging out on the sidewalk, maybe talking to themselves as they flail their arms around aimlessly, or crouching down staring deeply into sidewalk cracks, fishing for gems and treasures.  Keep going, Deacon’s Corner, as the name suggests is located at the end of Main on the corner.  Look out for the happy diners eating behind the iron bar windows.  The door might be hard to see because it’s completely boarded up.  No, it’s not under construction.  This is Gastown after all.

I went for the chicken and fried grits, highly recommended by the servers who welcomed us with their Southern hospitality, and Paul went for the corned beef hash.  And when the food came out, it was piled on high in true Southern generosity.  The hash was good, but it was my fried chicken that made its mark on us.  The fried grits were good but I want to try the chicken next time with waffles and biscuits. And the pulled pork is supposed to be one of the most popular items on the menu. Ask for a take-out box, you’re going to need it.

Goodbye Vancouver, Asia here I come!  Snow, please be kind to Paul.  He’ll still be walking to and from work every day while I bask in the glorious sunshine on the other side of the world.

– SS







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