Richmond Eats: Smokehouse


My cousin, Achie Nic, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, and thanks to her, our family gatherings are always filled with delicious treats from her kitchen.  Like her prune cake for Christmas Day dinner.  “The highlight of the entire meal!” Dad kept saying.  I have to agree, it’s so delicious you’ll be dreaming about it for nights to come.  And her pavlova which she made for our White Elephant dinner with the Sy cousins.


It’s her most requested dessert and you should see how everyone’s nails get a little bit sharper when there’s cake like her pavlova on the table.  All’s fair in love and war. And also Achie Nic’s pavlova.


Achie Nic took us to Smokehouse today, a place she’s been raving about in Richmond.  They’ve just recently introduced salads to their menu and she’s been dreaming about their brussel sprouts salad.  We ordered the Samson (coffee crusted strawberry beef brisket), Billie (salt cured pork belly with aioli), and Sarah (pulled tamarind chicken) sandwiches, 2 orders of their crisps, as well as their Asian Slaw and Sprout Salad.


We took it home and had a picnic spread on the kitchen island that we devoured in between sounds of Mmmmmm and Mmmmmm.  Everything was absolutely delicious.  The sandwiches all had great flavour profiles and we particularly loved the Asian slant (sesame in the cole slaw?).

To top it off we added a fried egg to each sandwich because everyone knows that everything tastes better with a fried egg.  And I understand what Achie Nic meant, I think I’m going to be having slaw and brussel sprout dreams tonight.  Oh yes, this place definitely knows what they are doing.


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