The Cutest Christmas Tree Ever



My sister, Karla, and I went to buy a Christmas tree yesterday! We bought the cutest tabletop tree we could find at the Christmas tree yard and that fresh, little, evergreen looked so adorable on top of our round marble side table. It elicited a many smiles and awwwwwws from us all night as we melted in delight every time our eyes glanced at the cutest tree we had ever had or ever seen.


We spent the evening decorating the tree with ornaments we had purchased. Some of them we had bought at Michael’s and they required a little bit more assembly than we would have liked. Despite the cursing under our breaths as we struggled to put the bloody paper bits and tiny thread-like strings together, we mustered all the craft spirit we had in us to finish them. I imagined factories of tiny hands assembling these Christmas suckers because there was no way adult hands could insert hair-thin strings into those tiny holes fast enough!!

By the end of the night, we managed to finish our tree (clearly we would have been fired from any Christmas ornament making factory) and it was well worth the glittery mess because though it be tiny it sure is the cutest tree we’ve ever seen!


Hope your holidays are merry and bright!  Let the feasting begin!



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