Spread Some Joy

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Every now and then, my Dad will pay for a complete stranger’s coffee for absolutely no reason at all.  I remember one time, a lady behind him was in a foul mood, upset at how the line was moving because she was in a rush to get somewhere.  It was early in the morning and my Dad could hear her grumbling and cursing under her breath so he turned around to talk to her.

“It’s too early in the morning to be in such a foul mood, why don’t you let me pay for your coffee?”

That changed her mood immediately and I can just imagine all the people in her world he saved from her wrath that morning with just a cup of coffee.

Random acts of kindness isn’t a new thing, but maybe it’s one of those things you’ve heard someone do and seen but haven’t done yourself.  For example, I was so happy to see some coins in an envelope at a meter where I parked at with a handwritten note that said, “Park for free on me.”  And I’ve just told you about my Dad warming people’s hearts one coffee at a time.  Shamelessly, I haven’t done either.

I watched the documentary Human last night by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and it left me feeling extremely inspired about our existence and our responsibility to each other. Through the poignant accounts of 2,000 individuals sharing deeply personal stories, the film touches upon the darkness and light that shine on us all as humans.  Watch it if you haven’t, and perhaps you will see that the bonds that tie us together transcend any religious, political or cultural beliefs.

There are a million ideas online on what you can do to make a difference in someone’s life, from donating your time, money and personal belongings, to small gestures like buying a cup of coffee for a stranger or adding a quarter to an empty meter.  It’s not so much what you do but the moral obligation to do it. Because if we lived a kinder and more meaningful life, united we can overcome the challenges and struggles the world faces every day.

Spread some joy, do something unexpected for someone, and strive to be a kinder version of yourself because the world can really use a lot more love.

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