Buck a Shuck


This is a public service announcement. It’s 7:30 in the morning and even though I’m rushing to get out of the house, I stopped to write this post because you need to know this. Every day from 3-6pm is Buck a Shuck at Wild Tale.

I thought this was important news to share because I LOVE oysters and I LOVE them raw.  Ever since I had a pile of them on my birthday at Sandbar, I’m reminded that I don’t nearly have enough of them throughout the year.  So imagine my delight when I discovered Wild Tale’s Buck a Shuck yesterday. Royal Miyagis for just a buck each 7 days of the week!

So if you’re looking for me between 3-6pm and I’m not at work or I’m not at home, chances are you’ll find me there, slurping those Miyagis down by the dozen.  Really quickly too because they shuck them so well that the oysters are completely disconnected from the shells. All you have to do is pick it up, tilt your head and slurp. Repeat.

I like my oysters with a squeeze of lemon juice and a dab of cocktail sauce.  How do you like to eat yours?

Go forth now, share this good news.

– SS

P.S. All you need to know about oysters.

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