Richmond Eats: G Men

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Two nights ago, I heard a knock on my door.  I wondered who it was because I rarely have people knocking on my door, most people buzz up from downstairs.  Nor can they get off my floor without a fob.  But I was distracted, I was on FaceTime talking to my brother about what he was going to make for Thanksgiving.  I opened the door and had the surprise of my life. My sister Karla, who lives in Shanghai, was standing at my doorstep!  She had her Iphone held up to videotape my screaming reaction! Needless to say, our friend’s 2 year old son Caleb found the video very entertaining and kept watching it over and over again.  Glad I can babysit even from afar, Vern!

It was such a nice surprise. She’s enroute to the US for work and was able to stop in Vancouver through the weekend for my birthday.  Of course we immediately had to plan where we were going to eat for the rest of her stay because food consumes me as much as it consumes her, and together we can consume a lot of it!  Her first day was a wash.  The silly girl woke up at 4pm thinking it was 4am because of the darkness outside.  She went back to sleep and woke up again at ‘7am’ when really it was 7pm.  I came home shortly after and we had dinner at home.

Yesterday was her second day.  Paul had told me that he had a surprise for me and asked me to see if I could get the day off. Little did I know that the surprise was a girl from Shanghai!  It was nice to have the day off to spend with her and we started it by driving over to have lunch with my grandma in Richmond.  We thought some steaming bowls of soup noodles would be perfect for the cold and rainy day.  We went to a ramen place that had good reviews on Follow Me Foodie called G Men.  However, I failed to look at when the review was written (2009) because the ramen was quite underwhelming.  Unfortunately as well, they only serve their Torigara or chicken broth for lunch.  Their much acclaimed Tonkotsu (pork) broth is only served at night.

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We ordered the Torigara Shoyu Ramen, Torigara Shio Ramen, and the AE Soba, a dry noodle dish.  All three were ok but nothing exciting at all.  Maybe it’s because we prefer the thicker, deeper and more flavourful Tonkotsu broth. We  also ordered a few appetisers as well.  The Cold Tofu, Wasabi Nori Ontama Mini Don and the Chicken Karaage.  The Chicken Karaage was delicious and hit it out of the park for us!  The batter was nice and light giving the skin an amazing light crispiness.  I would probably go back and get Chicken Karaage take out and skip all the ramen and the rest.  I think I’m also going back to just eating Chinese food in Richmond from hereon.

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