The Bottle Bug

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I have the bottle bug.  I wasn’t aware that such a thing existed until I went to The Soap Dispensary for the first time.  I squealed in delight at the sight of the rows of glass bottles that lined the shelves and gushed to the lady working there about how much I love glass bottles.  She looked at me knowingly and smiled, “You have the bottle bug!” she said. It was clear she had it too.

I’ve had this glass vessel addiction for as long as I can remember.  I don’t know what it is but glass jars and bottles enamour me.  Their clarity, the fluidity of their form, how light reflects off of them or streams right through. I love how they glisten and how they take on the hue of the liquid that fills them.  I particularly love that they can be reused over and over again serving one purpose to another in infinite ways.  It’s a beautiful way to keep my life organised and a way for me to slowly rid my world of plastic containers.  I have a collection of bottles and glass jars in all shapes and sizes from milk bottles to liquor bottles to small brown apothecary bottles and large brown growlers.  I use them as water jugs, flower vases, containers for bobby pins, cotton buds, dry goods, pens, and whatever else needs holding and containment.

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Stepping into The Soap Dispensary is like walking into a modern apothecary.  Take a deep breath because the wonderful smells of orange, lemon, lavender and spice are so soothing they bring an instant calm.  I can stay in there forever amongst the glass bottles around me and the sweet smells of the soaps cooking up in the back to fill them.  Bring your own bottle, or purchase a new one here and fill it up with liquid soap, olive oils, dishwashing soap, household cleaners, and more.  See the whole list here.  I brought a Canadian Whiskey bottle, an old San Miguel Ginebra bottle, and a Bullet Bourbon bottle to fill with their homemade Mandarin Orange liquid hand soap.  The best part is they have pumps in various sizes to fit all kinds of bottles.

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Before stepping out the lady that had diagnosed me whispered to me quietly, “Check out Brassneck Brewery down the street.  They have beautiful bottles there. Rotating artists custom design their bottles seasonally.”  Of course I had to go!  When I walked in to Brassneck Brewery my heart stopped when I realised that the soap lady had sent me to bottle heaven.  There was a dizzying array of rows and rows of brown growlers in various sizes.  Oh my knees went weak and my wallet opened up and before I knew it I had gone home with one of every size (filled with beer, of course).  I probably should mention they have great craft beers made right there and bar snacks to munch on as well.  Come for the beer, come for the snacks, or if you have the bottle bug like me, come for the beautiful bottles.

Do you have the bottle bug too?

– SS

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