A Hundred Shades of Chicken

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I woke up today to some angry clouds.  The wind was howling outside my window and the skies were a hundred shades of grey.  Finally we get gloomy weather so I don’t have to feel guilty about staying inside!  So what to do on a day like this?  I decided I would stay in, make chicken salad and watch The Americans all afternoon.

Last week I made chicken soup and kept the leftover meat from the carcass.  I shredded it and froze it so that I could turn it into chicken salad for my lunch next week.  In my job, I’m always on the go that I barely have time to sit down and have lunch.  My lunches have to be easy to eat and without the need to be heated up because most of the time I’m eating on the road.  Last week it was quinoa salad week (I kept adding different veggies and leftover meats to keep it interesting), next week it’s going to be chicken salad week.

This is one of my favourite chicken salad combinations.  I like mine with cranberries (I always have a bag of craisins in my freezer for when I make granola) and candied pecans (lightly salted, my grandma bought them for me from Trader Joe’s when she went down to the States) which I happened to have at home.  I also had Greek yoghurt (my absolute favourite brand is fage) and sour cream.  Normally I use mayo but Greek yoghurt is an equally great substitute.  This is sooooo easy to make (there’s no cooking involved at all) and soooooo addictive.

I’m going to eat my chicken salad with:

Monday: bacon and cheddar cheese
Tuesday: tomato and avocado
Wednesday: cucumber slices and brie
Thursday: lettuce and tomato
Friday: arugula and mozzarella

The sandwich combinations are endless, just experiment and see what you like.  You can also play with chicken salad combinations and replace the cranberries and pecans with other kinds of fruit (e.g. blueberries, grapes, sour cherries) and nuts (e.g. walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios).  You can also add crumbly cheese like feta or blue cheese, and add additional condiments like pesto and dijon to kick it up a notch.  Alternatively, you can eat it with salad greens instead of in a sandwich.

I’ll have to see if I actually have enough to make five sandwiches for lunch next week.  I had to “taste” the chicken salad a lot while making it and others felt the need to keep “tasting” it as well…

Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad

What you’ll need:
4 cups cooked chicken, shredded
2 celery stalks, finely diced
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup cranberries
1/2 cup mayo (or Greek yoghurt)
1/2 cup sour cream
Salt and Pepper to taste

What’s your favourite chicken salad combination and how do you like to eat yours?

– SS

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