The Trick to a Brain Freeze

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A week ago it was blistering hot in Vancouver.  I’m talking sun-beating-down-30-something-degrees-celsius-get-me-in-the-shade-right-now heat.  Better yet, an air conditioned room please.  The weather’s taken a turn and after a few rain showers (so happy for the forests) the weather has cooled down.  I’m enjoying the relief from the heat but I’m starting to panic that summer is almost over.  Yikes, it’s already August and fall is just around the corner.  I haven’t even been to the beach yet and I’m already wearing cardigans and a shawl to work.  Then again, I’m always the one wearing a long sleeve shirt when everyone else is in a tank top because I get cold easily.  But no matter what the weather’s like, I’m never too cold for ice cream.  And for the past week I’ve been walking by Uyu every morning waiting for them to open.  That day finally came today!  Vancouver just doesn’t have enough ice cream parlours, in my opinion.

Uyu serves organic soft serve ice cream and ice cream bars and they are definitely a worthy opponent for Soft Peaks.  They offered 3 flavours today: Belgian Chocolate, Milk and Earl Grey.  Of course we HAD to try all three.  They recommend eating it plain without all the toppings and the drizzle but when I saw black sesame powder in their topping selection I HAD to have it with the milk soft serve.  It was a great combination and I’m definitely having it again when I go back (tomorrow).

Here’s a trick my mom taught me.  If you ever get a brain freeze put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and it will go away immediately.  Works every time and allows me to eat ice cream even in the dead of winter.

Other homemade ice cream parlours in town that I like:

Earnest Ice Cream

Rain or Shine

Bella Gelateria

For those over the border, here’s more to scream for.  Mail order ice-cream.

I’m dying to try Dominique Ansel’s Sweet and Savory Soft Serve.

And for any ordinary night, there’s always my all time favourite Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream in my freezer.

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